With our online concert, The Witch Fairy, we offered an interactive introduction to classical music for the youngest. It was a warm virtual musical experience that the students were able to discover together from the comfort of their classroom.

Boring! That’s what Rozemarijn the fairy thinks of fairies in rosy dresses and with limp magic wands. She would much rather be a witch but that’s not to her mother’s liking. Rozemarijn gets up to all kinds of witchcraft tours to strengthen/ fulfill her wish: along with your children, she jumps, claps, shouts and sings to the symphonic melodies by Edward Elgar performed by the entire Belgian National Orchestra. This concert addressed themes like ‘being different’ in the class through music, image and movement. After the concert, the children found classical music cheerful, funny or noisy - anything but boring!

Teaser Heksenfee - Fée sorcière

THE WITCH FAIRY, an interactive online concert based on the eponymous book by Brigitte Minne and Carll Cneut, published by L'école des loisirs


Belgian National Orchestra

Conductor: Stijn Saveniers

Music: Edward Elgar

Text: Brigitte Minne

Narrators: Violet Braeckman 

Illustrations: Carll Cneut

Scenography and directionFilip Standaert - Handelsreizigers in Indeeën 

Coproduction: BOZAR

Collaboration: VGCJeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles and Jeugd en Muziek Brussel