Celebrating (with) Mozart

De Bijloke Muziekcentrum
East Flanders
Fri 17.12.21 20:00

Last season, the International Opera Academy celebrated its 20th anniversary. This Ghent academy has already provided postgraduate level training for more than 150 students from 36 countries, preparing them for careers as opera singers or répétiteurs. One year later than planned, the IOA is now able to hold its jubilee concert, revolving around one central composer: Mozart! A man whose music is the ultimate point of reference for young and upcoming talent. Nobody equals Mozart when it comes to expressing feelings through tones, few display such virtuoso skills in their writing and he alone can switch so quickly from the light-hearted to the dark and melancholic. 

‘Celebrating (with) Mozart’ is a unique, semi-staged gala concert presenting the music from all 23 of Mozart’s operas, from the early Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebotes to Die Zauberflöte. International Opera Academy students, alumni (including Ana Quintans, Julie Gebhart and Kiup Lee) and teachers (Dietrich Henschel and Reinhard Hagen) will be sharing the stage with the Belgian National Orchestra, conducted by the young Italian conductor Pietro Rizzo.

Pietro Rizzo, conductor

Julie Gebhart, soprano

Ana Quintans, soprano

Kiup Lee, tenor

Dietrich Henschel, baritone

Reinhard Hagen, bass

Students of the IOA